Wednesday, February 2, 2011

happy february birthdays. lots of love this month.

if you know me you know that my february is full of birthdays.  it is weird how worked up about february i get-let me be honest. so instead of fretting over what to get who, and when i can deliver said gift, and how much they will like it, (do you love my worrying, im a natural...) i decided i would pay a little love to my february birthdays early, just to get everyone revved up for this wonderful month. please don't feel lumped together (i have been accused, by ahem, KURT) just feel loved this month in the month of L-O-V-E.



Allison Ferris is many things, but most of all, she is the kind of friend you pray God will give you someday.  There when you need her the most, in the best or worst situations. Not afraid to hold your hand when you are sick, able to listen when you need kind truth, and ready to enjoy life to the very fullest.  Her heart makes Valentines Day look like a drop in the bucket on the love scale.  She loves the people God has given her in her life, and if y'all are just now being introduced, give her 2 minutes and she will have made a connection with you over your mother's brother's sister-in-law, and y'all will be on your way to a sincere friendship.


Carrie (Momma) on the Left

I came up with a phrase the other day "Keep Calm and Carrie On."  When I get into a tough situation, I think about those words and think about what Momma would do.  As cheesy as it sounds, I want to grow up into her.  She amazes me with her ability to take any everyday thing and make it SO much fun.  She doesn't wait for the big party, or Christmas, or a wedding to enjoy herself. She has fun everyday.  Whether she is playing Words-With-Friends (which she is really good at. don't play her if you value your time/life. you can't beat her) or working at Parkgate, she is just having the time of her life.  Her life is not a walk in the park.  She is raising 6 kids (yes, I still count) and has had a life of getting spilled on, long nights sitting up with stomach-bug-children, going without so that her kids could have more, and just all-out-sacrificing for the ones she loves. But the thing is, she doesn't make it look like work. She LOVES life, the Lord, and gives everything and all the glory to Him.   

Ever since my brother Brian could talk, he had this habit of saying things under his breath.  He was always making funny comments so that a few people could hear.  He has the best sense of humor for a kid who is the youngest boy of 6.  He is tough & sweet at the same time.  I doubt he EVER reads this so I do not mind saying that he is going to make some lucky girl a hech of a man some day.  I am so thankful for our relationship and so proud to be his big sister.  He is truly like half of my heart.



Everytime I get to spend time with Lana or talk to her, or laugh with her, I end up just being like, Oh MY goodness she's the greatest! She has just a fun and refreshing way about her--so care-free and bubbly dancing on the beach type of person. But if you were to get in a bind, have her number on speed dial.  TRUST her with your life. You will not be disappointed.  She is Deborah-trained and her own brand of spunky fun that just makes her very special in every way. 


What can I say about this guy? I think the picture honestly says it all.  Its how much I love him, that much.  Its where I would move with him (I feel like Ive already done that). Its how he makes me feel: free & easy.  Its how much fun he loves/needs to have on a daily basis. Its how much he doesn't care about what other people think. Its how hard he tries to be good at the things he signed up for in life. Its how seriously (not very) he takes himself.

If there was one human on this earth more opposite than me, I would really like to meet that person.  I really would. 

But the thing is, I am pretty darn sure I already have. God dropped him into my life, I fell in love, then I married him, now I am doing this crazy thing called living with him & trying to figure out what it all means...

What Madden football is, what tea he likes to drink and when, and what he is going to say or what story he is going to tell next.  Its kinda like that favorite CD that you have? and you can predict which track comes next because you listen to it on the daily. Its like that. One song finishes and already you are hearing the notes of another song. Not your song, but one you know by heart and can sing without missing a beat. 

Thank goodness for February.


  1. em- that is the sweetest! of course i'm tearing up as i read it