Saturday, March 13, 2010

try a little gratefulness

just a little bit of gratitude to mark my spring break.  with all the worries and rush of day to day life, i am taking this moment to stamp out a little peace and quiet, pause and say: for this i am grateful:

For this i am grateful: for my mom's coffee.  it tastes so good, and i don't know why? i buy the same kind, make it at school, doesn't taste the same.

For this i am grateful: for a roomie who wanted to go out on the town for her BEEF day on thurday night, and instead stayed in and risked danger and disease at the go...entertaining her flu-friend with her special 11 pm comedy hour, stories, antics.

For this i am grateful: for a break from school, for sleeping in, for the end of acedemia as i know sight! i can't wait to not be graded on things.  if i am ever a teacher i think i will just give out stickers for good work and 'try harder next time' for not so good work.  maybe why i should never be a teacher?

For this i am grateful: for a fiance who loves me despite the fact that the hot water heater was broken and i hadn't had a shower in going on three days. granted...he doesn't live anywhere near me and couldn't witness my disasterous appearance, but still....i could still admit it to him and not worry about the consequence. 

For this i am grateful: AMERICAN IDOL.  I love it.  I love the music.  I am not grateful that that Alex Lambert is going home? He was so good! Come on america!

For this i am grateful: that the best things in life really are FREE.  thank you Lord...because how frustrating would it be if that were not the case? what if the best things in life were really expensive, and far out of reach, and only for some people. instead we are all given a chance at the things that matter the most.  and i have a lot of that. and for that I am grateful.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Who is Beef?

happy BEEF day to BEEF!

I just watched P.S. I love you.  Tragically wonderful and sad and beautiful all the same moment.  It made me think about celebrating life, and what better day to celebrate on BEEF day, the day of Beth's birth.  I just wanted to take this moment and sing her praises, because it is afterall her birthday, and as she is one of my few and faithful followers I decided she deserved a shout out.  Plus I figured I could embarass her a little bit, and since my bachelorette party is coming up, I figured I owe her some in advance. ;)

Beef Watson, born Susan we mean Sarah Elizabeth Watson, on March 9th 1988 to her wonderful parents Susan and William Watson and was soon followed by her sister Mallary Clara Watson a few years later (MCW is wearing a shirt that reads 'I love BEEF.')  Beth as she was known in her growing up years, enjoyed such activities as traveling to Belzoni to visit sweet Mimi, making up silly names for herself, and all-together being quite wonderful and adorable.  She became very interested in schooling and getting things done on time and properly, was voted 'Most Dependable' at Collierville Highschool as well as most Beautiful Beth there is in TN.  She currently lives in the 'glorious' Oxford with her room-mates, as well as all her millions of best friends.  She is quite popular, doesn't meet a stranger, and likes to have a good time...always.  Whether its laughing at youtube videos, old movies, American Idol or Jenty, Beef is having a good time and making life especially joyful for all around her.  She was recently accepted into grad school at Washington University, and we enjoy the phrase 'Washu Watchout' for Beef.  Find her in St. Louis next year, being very desirable-cooking brownies and pizza quesadillas, hanging out at Blueberry Hill and attending class in the front row.   Most of all, tell her happy birthday on this day, because it is sure to be a better Beef day because of you.

We love you! :) xoxo You know you love me, and you are reading this instead of studying.

heyyy soul sister

This is my sister Colleen and today is her birthday, March 8th.  Isn't she beautiful? I think so too. These are her ABCs:

Artistic Beautiful Colleeny Daughter Exciting Friend Gorgeous Honest Intelligent Joking Kind Lovable Modcloth Neat Outstanding Photographer Q-ute Real Stylish Tough Unique Verytalented Wild Xtrasmall YesterdaysFavorite Zesty

When I grow up I want to be my sisters:
Amy, Colly, Emily

Until that time I will just tell her I love her and give her these really cute shoes that are JUST her size.
Curtesy of My Favorite Shoes off the square--black and shiny, peep-toe pumps. Colleen they (and me) are cuter in person.

I love you and WISH I WAS THERE! Happy Birthday soul sister.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

wish list

So I went online today to try and find dresses for various upcoming occassions from  If you don't know modcloth you should.  It is a wonderful website, with the cutest clothes.  My (practically) 16 year old sis found it last year and she is a dedicated modcloth stalker.  She knows when new dresses go up and when they come down.  We love modcloth at my house.

Here are two dresses that I absolutely love.  I think they say fun and flirty as well as cute and classy.  I would like to think my style is like that too...wishful thinking since as I wrtie I am in pj pants and a long sleeve blue t-shirt.  Ah well...I wouldn't trade my lazy Saturday in sunny Oxford for all the dresses in the world.  Maybe for all the modcloth dresses in the world though.