Sunday, August 28, 2011

instagram fun

loving my instagram lately!
i want to see life like instagram does--all pretty and artsy like! take a picture of a sack of potatoes and instagram it

happy SUNDAY!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Is Sweet Without Wheat

Got a phone call last week that informed me, "you have celiacs disease." Cool, thank you and Goodbye then gastro-entro-nologist (absolutely this is not how you spell this word)

Which all that means is my body is now, for some strange reason, allergic to wheat. So here-goes a new diet of gluten-free foods. I need to get serious and start checking out some "oodie websites" and saving my pennies for the expensive flour ($8.50?) i have to purchase, but there are some great perks to being a gluten-ite.

1. is called you get to go to FRESH MARKET a lot and your hubby supports this decision because he knows you are depressed about not getting to eat Nutrigrain bars, animal crackers, and milano cookies, which up until this point had been your main food groups.

2. is called you get to shop around at the FRESH MARKET with your cutie little two-teired shopping cart that fits exactaly $90 of the freshest, happiest, fruits, veggies, meats, and cheeses you have ever seen.

3. is called you get a Sonic Power Ade Slush whenever you want because it does not have gluten in it and you occasionally feel bad for yourself over seeing all the happy digestive systems eating at the CFA.

4. is called your friends come over just to check out what you figured out you could make. So far I have made glutenfree ROAST BEEF and Veggies, Gluten Free SPAGHETTI! I am working on more lunch ideas so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!!

love love love,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

i'm so exhausted tonight--so exhausted that is a miracle that i am blogging.
but priorities, are important and it has been forever since i wrote anything down about anything.

all i want to do tonight is READ, put words into my mind, not try to squeeze them out into something that makes a little, hopefully, sense.  Reading is so good like that, have you thought about it? taking words in and processing them is so much easier, for me, than putting them on a page.

this is also a wonderful quality in a facebook stalker. (que scary music)
i can easily spend hours just looking. reading. never posting, just looking. you're really lucky if i have the energy to give you a thumbs up "like" on facebook. this is big for me. don't ask me to come up with something to SAY however.

i  can spend hours reading blogs, without anyone knowing i'm there. okay,sounds creepy but tonight i wanted to say

HERE I AM.  and this is what I know TODAY

today i know:
i'm loved, blessed by JESUS, not hungry at all because i have had lots to eat today, happy to have a comfy bed, excited to start BITTER IS THE NEW BLACK, getting to love new home more and more each day, hoping that i can visit family SOON, and pondering the benefits of five hour energy pills at 4 in the afternoon, are these healthy? oh, and LOVE you like a love song baby IS ON REPEAT. loves it.

so these thoughts prove i am here. as does the big dent in my favorite pillow.

goodnight world. stalk you in the morning.