Tuesday, June 22, 2010


How great is our God, sing with me now, how great is our God kept playing through my head as Kurt and I traveled down the Northern California coast.  From the redwood forrest to the coast line, everything was big.

Bigness seems to be a theme lately.  I feel like a "big girl" paying bills and ironing my own clothes.  I guess that probably should have happened a while back, especially on the ironing front, but like everything else "growing up" is a gradual process. And I am still processing it.

Kurt, I am finding, is bigger than me.  Older, louder, warmer, requires more food, reaches taller, moves faster, walks further, lifts heavier things, shuts doors with more force, throws down the car keys, and treads not so lightly. I don't want to sound like I am complaining.  If you want me to complain, I would pick another battle. (just kidding, sort of)  But no, bigger is how God made him, and for a reason too. 

But next to the ocean and next to the trees he looked like one man. 

To know that a big God created all of this made my worries look small.  Sometimes when I feel the smallest I feel the most relief. When the world feels on my shoulders I am going to remember these trees. Because, as it turns out, the God who made trees 300 ft tall and 13 feet wide has it under control.  Sight seeing in Northern Cal was not life changing, but life affirming.

And Tonight I made a small dinner, but it was a big step for me.