Sunday, October 24, 2010

oh happy. . .

bid day is the next part of that statement. that is always how i feel on this sunday of all sundays. i feel like that sunday couldn't have gotten here any faster, been any longer time coming, and now it has come and gone and i wasn't in the big white house. 

its funny when something become familiar to you, and you don't even realize it? kind of like that corny chris rice song, "when did you fall in love with me" . . .(corny but i didn't say i didn't love it) . sometimes you can't pinpoint the moment you fell in love, felt familiar, when a friend becomes a family member, when a new place becomes the normal place, when a sorority becomes your life/best friends/family. you can't pinpoint the moment it happened.  all you know is that it did.

and what's more:

1. you're very glad it happened.

2.and you've tapped into that place of "some things never change." oh i love that place. i love, love, love that familiar feeling.

i wish i was back to that bid day. but i know that one of these days i will be.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

june 18th here we come

it has been way too long since writing on my blog, and so much has happened since i last posted.  my dear friend HART got engaged a few Saturdays back. i could not be happier for her and her fiance chad.  they are truly a special couple and love to have fun together, run together, eat together, hang out with friends together.  they love to do things together and BE together! i really appreciate that about them and know that they are excited to be stepping into this new phase of life together. 

Thats me with my beautiful room-mate at heart, Hart.  she was the homecoming queen at Ole Miss.  she's kind of a big deal, people. :-) i cannot WAIT to watch her walk down the aisle towards her man.  it's going to be a fun, exciting, emotional journey i guarentee.  because if there's one thing Hart knows how to do, it's how to truly live.

i would like to share a few snippets of memories of them both.  some of them won't make much sense to anyone who was not "there" and i hate to be that way, but they are unforgettable to me, and i just have to put them into words.

-hart coming home after her first date with chad. they had danced. he was good. she was thrilled.
-chad dressing up like hart at the dg house to try and not get caught in the ruf game of assasins.  chad is a very very handsome guy, but not a very pretty girl. i am pretty sure he can take that as a compliment?
-my dad insisting that there should be a because its just way to good of a name to not have a personal domain.
-chad immediately called me "Em" from day one. which i always like, because it makes me feel like i have known that person for always.
-hart decorating my car for no reason other than it was my birthday.
-hart coming in after a fun date with chad and whispering at my closed eyes to see if i was awake.
-after their super great mountain-bike date, she knew she was going to marry him, and if he had proposed then she probably would have said yes immediately.
-hart celebrating every test, moment, good thing, positive attitude at each and every chance she gets.  she has a way of truly celebrating the small things
-the night that chad came and danced with beef and i to "let me be your hero baby"
-hart and i having spend the night parties at ryan and chad's house while they weren't home. . .just to get off of campus and out of the craziness
-moving with beef to the go and singing "i'm moving out" to the tune of "i'm coming out" at the top of our lungs.
-celebrating the year of the white dress in 2010 and again in 2011.

here's to you two berry people. :-)

love and best wishes to you my hartress!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

happy october.  this is my brother baby dave.  he is not a baby in anymore but he is still my little brother.  he is awesome & so smart!

there is nothing like a michgian fall.  i can still smell all those leaves, dry and crackled in my backyard.  back then you could jump in and never even touch the dry grass.  the leaves just swallowed us up, got in our mouths and tasted like a burnt to a crisp marshmellow.