Wednesday, February 9, 2011


there have definitely been some moments this month where i was homesick/missed being in a familiar place/wanted to be home for a performance, or birthday party. and there will probably be more of those moments later in the month--

but last night God sent me the sweetest little surprise called a "visit from jen rose." see her in the beautiful blue dress here:

britt blay also came to hang out with us--and it is so so wonderful when you can just pick up right where you left off, which is how i ALWAY feel with these girls.  it doesn't matter if it has been months or days, it just seems like last minute we were together. i am so grateful for that and for them. jen is such an encourager & so fun to be with. her life is full of love and she loves so many people and so many things. her interests vary from broadway to insurance, if you can imagine that, & its so fun to listen to her talk. Also got a phone call from Beth who always drains the phone battery (thankfully) which was another blessing. I told jen last night, i said, "If Beth walked in that door I don't think I would even scream.  I would just hug her and say, hey, where'd you go?" she's always here!

i also got to see this little cutie

on Sunday. isnt' she beautiful? and getting married!!

so whether you are far from home or right there, don't miss the chance to visit with those you love and be thankful for that time! i am going to quit my bellyaching and watch for more chances for unexpected visits with those i LOVE. xoxo Em

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