Saturday, January 29, 2011

oh well.

sometimes you just gotta laugh and say oh well:

-princess Ariel complete with red wig etc. this morning at Highland Villiage--that was ME. running around in a 2 piece finned costume at 3/4 year old birthday party. entertainment.

-wore two different socks to dinner tonight, knowingly. why would i care?

-applied acrylic nails for 5 dollars and proceeded to glue all my fingers together and then had to tear all the nails off because i felt like i had claws.

-mailed an envelope with three stamps instead of one-just to make sure it got there. who knew there was such a thing as too many stamps? return to sender.

-made cookies at midnight 2 nights ago,  just for the dough and then burnt the whole thing and ended up crying on the kitchen floor about how kurt didn't appreciate my love of chocolate.

-have been driving on empty for the past 2 days, hoping that Kurt would take my car out and get me gas. it hasn't happened yet.

-ate at waffle house on thursday night because we didn't have milk or bread because i hadn't been to the store in approxmately 2 weeks.

-told kurt that the basil ganglia was obviously that dangley thing in the back of your throat. wrong. its in the brain.

-wore two different pointe shoes today, without even knowing it.

-verging on running out of clothes because the laundry is piling up.

& you know what all that is okay.  if there is anything this far-from-perfect wonderful guy has taught me

its that life isn't perfect and it wouldn't be fun if it was.

 he confronted me the other day with something that really hit home.  he said, emily, look me in the eye and tell me you know youre not perfect. so i looked at him and said, kurt, OBVIOUSLY i know im not perfect. i am so far from it.  he said ya, but you honestly believe that if you try hard enough, you could be.

wow. that hurts! i think that a lot of times that is true. marriage. so here i am laughing and inviting all of you to too, at my silly silly mistakes and praising God that he is big enough - and strong enough - and has got the whole world perfectly in his hands. xoxo Em


  1. Em what a wonderful post! so true and so funny all at the same time. great inspiration!

  2. loved this! i laughed the whole time! very excellent kurtism...what a smart kurtis.

  3. love this. Great and wonderful the way the Lord uses Kurt to give you perspective.

  4. Marriage is SO humbling, and wonderful at the same time, isn't it? Casey has looked at me and said something of the same nature. Loved your honesty and this post Em!