Friday, January 27, 2012

the best teacher

it has been so long since I have had any time whatsoever to write on the blog.  it has been a good kind of busy, the kind that keeps days spinning forward in a good way.  suddenly i have found a rhythm i didn't know was possible. at last things are starting to feel less new.  though some would crave new things, i crave old things. i love the past, a little too much sometimes, and love creating a sense of been-there, history.  i love knowing things from experience.

in the past few years much in my life has changed, as i always like to remind myself...  sometimes it overwhelms me. but right now i am thankful for the lull in the system.  i am able to be more confident, walking into work and being able to somewhat predict what will happen. i love being able to easier put together a dinner at the last minute.  i loved feeling a part of family traditions with Kurt and Christmas time.   i love doing recital music and practicing with the ballet girls and knowing that if you don't teach them to march in a circle on day one, they may never learn.

experience is the best teacher, maybe the only teacher.  have i ever learned anything that i didn't want to take part in teaching myself? learning is a life long activity and i am proud to be learning still. how wonderful to have a bit of experience under the belt. blessed for that and blessed to be alittle bored this morning.  nothing stays the same. soon things will change.  more things will come, we may move, we may stay, people grow, but its because of this, that things are special.  they will change which makes them special.

much love