Saturday, March 26, 2011


i love to see this sunshine! every season opens up and i think--now, this one, this season, is my absolute favorite.

spring is no different--and SPRING wins one a break often. oh and cleaning! i am such a lucky girl that in the past few weeks i have gotten BOTH. here are some memorable moments of spring so far.

my SWEET parents drove all the way from T-town to come to the ballet--only to drive all the way back!!

deep sea fishing trip--gulf shores, AL

we caught so many of these red snapper! it wasn't in season so no fish for us, but they were fun to catch and release

very yummy food all week--this was taken at an Oyster House in Point Clear, AL


got this idea from Real Simple--cork board and tacks GREAT for belts and necklaces.
it is possibly SAD how much i love organizing.
So Far So Good Springtime.

Monday, March 14, 2011

love lately

things i'm lovin lately in no particular order
Road Trips with these people
Pier 1 Spring Time

"Set Fire to the Rain" is on REPLAY

Chamomile Tea - every night this tea relaxes me

Such a great read--thanks Elena!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

while you were...dancing

It has been a while since I was able to post--for a couple of reasons, I have been away from the computer. Most of those reasons involve pointe-shoes, bruised toes, and extreme exhaustion, and others involve a lack of writing-inspiration!

While I still haven't quite recovered from the spring ballet, I do feel so much more relaxed after its completion, and i'm getting my inspiration back.  Wow, it is spring break, I just taught my last baby ballet class for 2 weeks (wow, I hope they remember their recital dance when I return), I get to see amazing friends this weekend, amazing family in the coming days, and I am beyond excited.

in the past few days, this is what has happened:

this one got married

this one turned 23
this one turned 17

this one visited

this one slept on my pillow

oh! and allie and i managed to talk on the phone for a consecutive 5 hours.   should have met each other in chattanooga instead...

life is good! until next time!! em


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

oh happy day

Please read sweet Laura's blog to see what Happy things happened today.  God is so good, as is his timing and plan.  Allie has been such a faithful heart these past few months and it is truly encouraging.