Tuesday, February 15, 2011

forgiving love

currently obsessed with this song and Chris August in general. Every time this song comes on the radio, I am reminded of how forgiven I am and how we are called to forgive others. sometimes in my life i get caught up in the shoulda woulda couldas and get legalistic about love. i think, i CAN'T possibly forgive him for dropping the clothes there again, or I TOLD you to take the dishes to the sink, or PLEASE don't even try and talk to me about THAT, or YOU know that i need this right now, and every other silly sin I can pin on someone else...

then i hear this verse in my head.


7x70 times

I'm no mathematician

but I haven't reached it yet

there is no limit to God's grace and forgiveness

and being like Him there should be no limit to ours.

a very wise man (my father) told me once that the most successful  people  have the shortest memories.  counterintuitve? perhaps. but the point is, you have to forgive and FORGET, wipe that slate clean and move on. hit the reset button and put the right in front of the left.

forgiveness its a beautiful thing. without it, think where we would all be. take me one step closer to that unconditional love stuff please.

oh and don't forget about forgiving yourself. xoxo Em

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