Wednesday, January 26, 2011

need your help!

i am planning on painting our bathroom in the very near future. i am very excited about this new project.  i LOVE my projects. but the only trouble is i can't decide on  a color. i am between a java color, a sage green, or a subtle yellow. what do you think?

my counter top can be kind of cluttered at times-but i try to keep all my colors coordinating. . .burnt orange & yellow with some brown

the shower curtain, as you can see in the mirrors reflection is a pretty light green. it also has creme and brown at the bottom

shower curtain again

love my "n" hand towel that adds some funky pink & orange to the mix. really brings out the colors in my taylor grocery print.


  1. i'm for java!!! but dark colors tend to make small spaces seem smaller. so that's something to consider.

  2. peanut butter is the color you need! i like the brown in the "n" towel...that color!!