Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trivial Tuesdays

K & I have been having a great time in our new home.  It has pretty much consisted of hanging out with our kitten, Piper,

 (we are obsessed, I know), fixing up the apartment, attempting to cook, making coffee, making sonic runs (with our cat) and recieiving the occasional visitor like Beef, Lindsey, or Anne. So.....

Tuesday nights are our night on the town! At Hal & Mals you can play trivia for a mere 2$/person and it is so much fun. . .well, it is fun for Kurt & his friends.  I pretty much sit there and doodle pictures on my napkin.  Which is very important.  I am considered "moral support" by the guys.  They are all so smart about such ridiculous things!!  Comics, the Monty Python Movies, Bones in the Body, names in the news, and they can decode any type of phobia because of their extensive latin knowledge.  I am so stunned by how much they know combined!!

My one contribution, which I am very proud of, is always related to the BACHELORETTE.  I know, shameful.  But very, very entertaining, none-the-less.  :-)  I think if one were to look up "guilty pleasure" in the dictionary.  One would find The Bachelorette maybe, and most DEFINITELY "bachelor pad."

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  1. Emily,
    That is SUCH a cute video of your kitten!!!!!! Ah!
    (Love your blog)