Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Same Kind of Different

Just finished reading this book.  It has been recommended to me by many friends!  I remember Morgan loving it a while back & Elena recently loaned me her copy.  I have been pretty much in love with the story.  Aren't books amazing?  Think about it, what else lasts many, many, many years and has the capability to reach thousands of different people from completely different backgrounds!

That's another good reason to blog.  Comfort and encouragement can be found in words over and over again, especially words from your friends.  Here are a few quote from this book that I want to post on a sticky-note and wear it on my head. Or write it on a t-shirt.  Whatever.

"Our limitation is God's opportunity"

"I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody about a Somebody who can save anybody."

"What must befall thee must befall thee, and what will pass ye by will pass ye by."

All three of these quotes come from Denver Moore in the story.  He is a true-life character who came from Louisiana cotton fields to being homeless in Ft. Worth Texas.  His attitude and perspective on life is AMAZING.  He is wise and his words put my life and my silly worries in perspective!  Thank you Elena for letting me borrow this book!

And afterall, we are all the "same kind of different." Think about it!

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  1. Best Book Ever! Glad you enjoyed it Emily! Miss you friend! Hope all is well!! Love you!