Thursday, July 1, 2010

peter panning it

What I have learned about Growing Up THIS week:

1. When one recieves important notices from one's university one should not slam the computer shut, eat oneself a piece of Dove Chocolate, and move to the other room to avoid looking at one's computer.

2.  One should not keep one's cap and gown.  The University will notice and send unkind emails.

3.  Whether or not chicken is cooked COVERED is apparently an important detail, unless one likes his or her chicken  burnt to a crisp.

4.  Less baking soda = flat banana bread (I like to call them banana pancakes)

5.  One should double check which location of the restaurant when planning breakfast dates.  If one is not careful two people can end up at two different locations of the same restaurant.

I won't grow up.

1 comment:

  1. bahahahaa that cap and gown stayed in the floor at the GO for ages. hahahaha i always wondered why you didn't turn it in on graduation day and IF you actually would...