Monday, September 19, 2011

What’s Your Musical Memory?

Goodness if Music doesn't take you back or forward or somewhere in between, then I don't think we can be friends. I say this with confidence, because I am fairly certain that music takes just about everyone to a certain spot in their lives.

A Musical History by Emily H. Nelson

-I was raised on slow and easy listening stations, as well as the good old oldies. My daddy sang "I wanna hold your hand" at me everytime we were together, "My Girl," etc…he still does.

-My mom is the type who typically asks, have you heard this song and then starts singing it, not a few lines, but like the whole thing. She also could probably think of a song for every sentence you say to her. She will burst into song. It's not unusual. Whether its recent favorites like Jar of Hearts or a Stevie Wonder song, she's coming at you no notes barred. She has a beautiful voice.

-Toni Bennett makes me cry, as well as Christmas music favorites like Andy Williams and don't even GET me started on Perry Como. Oh Perry Como. Melts. My. Heart. And makes me cry and then laugh and then want some serious hot chocolate.

-In highschool I kind of listened to whatever was burned to me. Lucky for me I had lots of wonderful friends with lots of wonderful music tastes. A good harmony would get me in choir. There were songs we sang like the Hallelujah chorus that would literally give me chills. Or singing in the rotunda…okay I will stop, getting slightly dorky. Or riding home from school with a CD made by that SOS and knowing just knowing they picked that song just for you…which I'm sure wasn't always true but it made high-school that much more romantic.

-When Kurt and I met it was all country all the time. I remember listening to him sing Brad Paisley and *swooning* -- something about a good old country song that will get you everytime. I remember we would ride in the car and he didn't seem to mind me belting out my favorite songs, and he certainly wasn't shy about it either. We would ride down Highway 6 and back, just to listen.

-Going through my ipod today, I realized that my "most played" playlist was identical to that of my Baby Ballet CDS…uh oh. Looks like I need a music-makeover, or need to spend some time soaking in the tunes. I got on the treadmill and the WAKA WAKA song came on, its Shakira, don't judge…but I could literally not stand still. Obviously danced on the treadmill.

Sam Cooke is my Saturday obsession

"Darling you-ooo-ooo-send me"

There have been songs I have tried to forget, lots I can't remember exactly, and then some I hear in the car with friends and magically know every single word. What's your musical story? What musical memories will you never forget?

Music, oh I love you.

God broke the mold when he gave us music, didn't he?


Xoxo Emily





  1. you just made my morning! miss you, em!

  2. i highly enjoy this post and i miss the rotunda as well.