Sunday, September 11, 2011


the things i have worried over this week have included superficial concerns of many kinds, most of which have revolved around minor inconveniences of my every day life

such as

not getting my coffee
running late to ballet
nearly running out of gas  on the interstate
going grocery shopping every other day
"stress" (this is an abstract word i use when i don't really know what else to say)
not having something new to wear out to eat
and not getting 8 hrs of sleep

each night.

newsflash :: i am beyond blessed that my everyday concerns are comfort factors i have tricked myself into believing are required. reflecting on 9.11 i am incredibly thankful--

i am alive, life is so good, and above all GOD is in control and my all in all.

this week im challenging myself to live blessed, starbucks or no & to concentrate on things of eternal importance.

10 years later and it still brings me to tears, to my knees, but most of all it brings me back to focus, perspective.

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