Monday, December 28, 2009

Wonderful Christmas

This is my cup of coffee that I have every morning after my run. That may seem counterproductive to you but it is oh so worth it to me. Whip cream and chocolate atop black-as-sin coffee that only my mother can brew. It is Community, but when I say black I mean black.

This is Colleen at the Christmas Eve Dinner table. Notice the paper snowflakes on the window, made by my other sister Amy. Notice Colleen's beautiful curly hair, the hair I wish I had but do not have but that's okay. The menu? Our traditional: popcorn chicken, oreo pie, spinach dip, hawaiian sweet bread, Christmas cookies and cringle cake. Oh ya, notice the palm tree in the corner. My dad wishes we lived on the beach.

A button bouquet--made by me for Crafty Christmas. A tradition we started this year. Only made presents for friend gifts. I thought this turned out quite nicely. Kind of dr. Seuss mixed with Martha Stewart. Perfect for my quirky and cute Elena friend!

All these things made a wonderful Christmas. I wish I had gotten a picture of the Crafty Christmas present I recieved from Laura. It is a Christmas memory book for Kurt and I! I can't wait to use it next Christmas!! I also was so blessed and had an ornament shower thrown for me by Hart and Beth at the DG house. I can't wait for Christmas 2010. But Christmas 2009 was so special. If only I had gotten a post Christmas morning picture at my house. Can we say wrappng paper EVERYWHERE?


  1. i decided to post a comment. 1. because your my favorite. 2. because i'm proud you made a post and 3. because i post just about everyday and always see the 0 comments and it makes me feel unpopular. i wouldn't want you to feel the same way. (i shouldn't feel that way because i think only 3 people even know about my blog).

    missing you.

  2. loving the exposure! they are still beautiful!