Monday, December 14, 2009

i might use it someday...

an old mirror
(the glass would be very cute broken and used on a canvas. i have seen it done a couple times!)
glass beads from a broken necklace
(i might want to put that necklace back together someday! or maybe super glue those beads somewhere handy...canvases, bows on christmas presents, wired picture frames?)
"notes" from the 11th grade
(11th grade was my favorite year of hs and you just never know when you might want to reread some of those, some of the funniest things are said while passing notes in class)
a card from my grandfather, attached to flowers that have long since gone to flower-heaven
(his handwriting makes me happy)
a scarf someone knit me a long time ago. it is fraying
(they worked really hard on knitting it. and i might be able to turn it into a "bow tie" scarf. check it out!
a fourth of july scrunchie
(everyone needs quality fourth of july gear at least once a year, and someitmes twice a year!)
friendship bracelet string
(its a fun activity for lecture classes that require little to no attention. too bad i have none of those. i do have the string though!)
a collection of ballerina bears
(could you throw out ballerina bears? what if i someday have a girl child who desperately wants ballerina bears? what if their stuffed pink little shoes are worth happy smiles someday? plus, my mom gave them to me-and here they still sit. after many years...okay i admit, they are not useful...just sentimental.)
countless practically empty perfume bottles
(good smells remind me of good times, some of these smells and memories are very specific. if i get rid of the scent, the memory might be gone too.)

there you have it. confessions of a true, self diagnosed, wouldntchangefortheworld pack-rat. actually i prefer the term memory&meaning conscious.

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  1. hahahaha i love this. i'm the same way with clothes. yesterday, when cleaning out my closet, i caught my self saying... "well i could use this for a swap." GUESS WHAT? I'm graduating in May, therefore, no more swaps. Not to mention I haven't been to one since sophomore year. HA!!