Thursday, November 26, 2009

pictures from a grove-worthy weekend!

This past weekend was the hallowed Ole Miss v LSU game and I had a wonderful time! It was the last game of my senior year--where has the time gone? Please tell me! Good memories spent in that stadium, some better than others. I could stand to forget a few games, but win or lose--you have to love those rebels. I put the captions below the pictures, so don't get confused.

Me and the fiance at the game. He was happy the rebels won-I was happy he was happy. good night!

Hart, Emily and Laura at the game

at the tent enjoying mrs. kathy's food


  1. Allie showed me your blog. LOVE it! I love blogs!!!

  2. i have full confidence that your blog rivals withoutmelissa's tumblr. i mean it's already moved ahead of her's on MY bookmarks list!

    i want to know about your life, so update, por favor!

    e mc