Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Very own Vintage

Well I am here in the blogging world. It is a cozy Tuesday afternoon and I have been promising myself a blog for quite some time now. A blog just seems like a good place to put out those thoughts that are not special enough to share and yet too special to share. Therefore I will throw them out onto the internet and passively-aggressively infict them on all of you! And today seemed like the perfect day to begin spouting my thoughts to anyone kind enough to read them.

Prompted by my need to rest from my attempt to clean I am now sitting in a pile of bags and suitcases, cowboy (or girl) boots, winter scarves and friendship bracelet thread and procrastinating. You know when you have to make a mess in order to clean it up? Well, I am still in the mess-stage of that process and it is not looking as though that will change anytime soon. I have also been hunting through my closet and found my own clothes that are now new-to-me. My very own vintage clothing, for me-by me. I can't wait to tie in a pale peach chiffon scarf meant for my 11th grade New Years Eve Formal dress, around my neck and into an outfit befitting of the 2009 fall season.

Sometimes old things can make the best new things. I am still looking for the perfect something borrowed something blue something old something new combination for my wedding day. June 12th is coming very quickly and I have yet to vind my very own vintage items to fufill this tradition...I will put that on my list of things to do, right under "start a blog." Check! It has been a productive day after all, despite my mess of a cleaning job.

e. louise

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