Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Is Sweet Without Wheat

Got a phone call last week that informed me, "you have celiacs disease." Cool, thank you and Goodbye then gastro-entro-nologist (absolutely this is not how you spell this word)

Which all that means is my body is now, for some strange reason, allergic to wheat. So here-goes a new diet of gluten-free foods. I need to get serious and start checking out some "oodie websites" and saving my pennies for the expensive flour ($8.50?) i have to purchase, but there are some great perks to being a gluten-ite.

1. is called you get to go to FRESH MARKET a lot and your hubby supports this decision because he knows you are depressed about not getting to eat Nutrigrain bars, animal crackers, and milano cookies, which up until this point had been your main food groups.

2. is called you get to shop around at the FRESH MARKET with your cutie little two-teired shopping cart that fits exactaly $90 of the freshest, happiest, fruits, veggies, meats, and cheeses you have ever seen.

3. is called you get a Sonic Power Ade Slush whenever you want because it does not have gluten in it and you occasionally feel bad for yourself over seeing all the happy digestive systems eating at the CFA.

4. is called your friends come over just to check out what you figured out you could make. So far I have made glutenfree ROAST BEEF and Veggies, Gluten Free SPAGHETTI! I am working on more lunch ideas so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!!

love love love,


  1. This is Laura Miller (Katie J's sister). Remember that corn, potatoes, rice, brown rice, quinoa and tapioca are all gluten-free and most things made with them are. Be careful with condiments. You can also make your own flour (flour mills are clearly an investment, but they are cost-effective for life-long GF diets). Around Jackson, Rainbow has excellent options and most Krogers and even the Madison Walmart carry a wide variety of alternate flours and products. Also, Amazon and other websites are GREAT options... amazon sells bulk (like cases, cereal in packs of 6, etc.) competitively priced to grocery store items when cost per item is calculated.
    I'm not gluten free, but I have patients and friends who are. Check out
    to get ideas, recipes, etc.

  2. Em-

    I have had a terrible day and now laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself and started playing on twitter...stumbled across your profile and found your blog! After reading a few of your posts I am now smiling and laughing! Your joyful spirit and adorable posts have turned my frown upside down! Thank you for sharing with everyone...Hope you have a great weekend and hope you are well!

    Love, Ashley