Thursday, August 18, 2011

i'm so exhausted tonight--so exhausted that is a miracle that i am blogging.
but priorities, are important and it has been forever since i wrote anything down about anything.

all i want to do tonight is READ, put words into my mind, not try to squeeze them out into something that makes a little, hopefully, sense.  Reading is so good like that, have you thought about it? taking words in and processing them is so much easier, for me, than putting them on a page.

this is also a wonderful quality in a facebook stalker. (que scary music)
i can easily spend hours just looking. reading. never posting, just looking. you're really lucky if i have the energy to give you a thumbs up "like" on facebook. this is big for me. don't ask me to come up with something to SAY however.

i  can spend hours reading blogs, without anyone knowing i'm there. okay,sounds creepy but tonight i wanted to say

HERE I AM.  and this is what I know TODAY

today i know:
i'm loved, blessed by JESUS, not hungry at all because i have had lots to eat today, happy to have a comfy bed, excited to start BITTER IS THE NEW BLACK, getting to love new home more and more each day, hoping that i can visit family SOON, and pondering the benefits of five hour energy pills at 4 in the afternoon, are these healthy? oh, and LOVE you like a love song baby IS ON REPEAT. loves it.

so these thoughts prove i am here. as does the big dent in my favorite pillow.

goodnight world. stalk you in the morning. 

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