Saturday, November 13, 2010


wow! who knew i could be so behind on my posts! the past few weekends have been amazing time spent with family and friends. i truly needed that relaxation and familiarity.  i have so many wonderful people in my life and i am just wow blessed by them.  each one of my friends and family members are unique and different which i love.  i feel like without all of y'all i am a little incomplete!

no words



honesty &  acceptance & understanding

laughter & encouragement

can't tell where i stop and they begin

gingerness and sass

never two kinder people in the world



hope (for a snow day)

always there
and these were just a few pictures. i had to stop because my sentiment was taking over & i was about to turn a happy moment into a tear fest! ah! so blessed and so grateful and i wish that i could wake up to a house ful of these people every morning!

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