Thursday, August 12, 2010

recent kurtisms

just thought i would share some of these silly things with a few friends.  this is what i live with. . . this is who i love:

"i think i'm going to get a p.o. box of my own. . .not because I need one, just because it would be cool."

"emily, do we have any vinegar?  i need to do a quick 5th grade science experiment."

"do you think that God finds out that the Duggars are pregnant again and says, "Man, do I have to come up with a new face for these people?"

"emily made me get a cat. . ."is kitty baby being sweetie?"


  1. haha, perfection! i think this should def become a weekly post :)

  2. bahahahaha ohhhh kourtis. (yeah kurt, i called you that)