Saturday, August 14, 2010

blender magic

so i was using my blender the other day (susie homemaker, i know) but i couldn't get it to work.

all my contents were souping up in the blending pitcher, and i was frantically pushing a button that said "STIR," "STIR!"  Okay, really blender.  Now it is time for you to "STIR!"  You are plugged in you silly appliance, why will you not "STIR!"

Can you guess what is coming next?

The "ON" button was not lit. 

This is my life sometimes. One step ahead and forgetting the power. . .promising to come back later to fill up, power up, relax, if and only if I can just get the smoothie made.  But in all this frustration, the smoothie no longer tastes good because I have SUCKED the fun right out of it in the process of trying to do. 

Lord, please help me to remember that the joy is in the process of making smoothies, making mistakes, and growing closer to you.  And please help me to power up before moving forward.

Love me.

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