Monday, May 3, 2010

He was right afterall

Sometimes i chuckle at the fact that God gave me to a WONDERFUL family of 8. . .he chose for me what i could not choose for myself.  he chose what i needed, what i did not always enjoy, but what i needed.  because if it weren't for them:

i would want:

everything clean, desirable, managed, labeled, tied with purple bows, compartmentalized, clean, tidy, and perfect.

and because of them--

i get a home that's loud, chaotic, fun, joyful, zesty, loud, happening, loud, shared, make-do, if you spill it clean it up, if its yours you had better hide it, if you break it we will buy a new one, if you leave your shoes out i will toss them in the closet, if you lose your toothbrush there is probably a new one under the sink. . .

my mom is a saint.

well now, i am choosing someone new.  someone named Kurt and he, the ONE human i have signed up for for the rest of my life, happens to be all of those things, except this time i chose it. 

how wonderful is that?

it kind of actually makes me feel as if i have learned something.

because at the end of the day, who wants to feel like you have been in a relationship by yourself, unto yourself, just like yourself.  no, VARIETY is the spice of life.  i once made the mistake of wishing people would be more like me, (YUCK) and as i graduate college (tear) i am so glad that i have stopped living under such a terrible myth as that. 

i am from loving people different than me and praising the Lord that they are, and i am thankful that God gave me to the family he did.  he really does know what he is doing. 


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