Saturday, March 13, 2010

try a little gratefulness

just a little bit of gratitude to mark my spring break.  with all the worries and rush of day to day life, i am taking this moment to stamp out a little peace and quiet, pause and say: for this i am grateful:

For this i am grateful: for my mom's coffee.  it tastes so good, and i don't know why? i buy the same kind, make it at school, doesn't taste the same.

For this i am grateful: for a roomie who wanted to go out on the town for her BEEF day on thurday night, and instead stayed in and risked danger and disease at the go...entertaining her flu-friend with her special 11 pm comedy hour, stories, antics.

For this i am grateful: for a break from school, for sleeping in, for the end of acedemia as i know sight! i can't wait to not be graded on things.  if i am ever a teacher i think i will just give out stickers for good work and 'try harder next time' for not so good work.  maybe why i should never be a teacher?

For this i am grateful: for a fiance who loves me despite the fact that the hot water heater was broken and i hadn't had a shower in going on three days. granted...he doesn't live anywhere near me and couldn't witness my disasterous appearance, but still....i could still admit it to him and not worry about the consequence. 

For this i am grateful: AMERICAN IDOL.  I love it.  I love the music.  I am not grateful that that Alex Lambert is going home? He was so good! Come on america!

For this i am grateful: that the best things in life really are FREE.  thank you Lord...because how frustrating would it be if that were not the case? what if the best things in life were really expensive, and far out of reach, and only for some people. instead we are all given a chance at the things that matter the most.  and i have a lot of that. and for that I am grateful.

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  1. Hey sweet Emily! I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break!! If you teach Kindergarten like I do, you can definitely grade the kids' work that way. :)