Saturday, March 6, 2010

wish list

So I went online today to try and find dresses for various upcoming occassions from  If you don't know modcloth you should.  It is a wonderful website, with the cutest clothes.  My (practically) 16 year old sis found it last year and she is a dedicated modcloth stalker.  She knows when new dresses go up and when they come down.  We love modcloth at my house.

Here are two dresses that I absolutely love.  I think they say fun and flirty as well as cute and classy.  I would like to think my style is like that too...wishful thinking since as I wrtie I am in pj pants and a long sleeve blue t-shirt.  Ah well...I wouldn't trade my lazy Saturday in sunny Oxford for all the dresses in the world.  Maybe for all the modcloth dresses in the world though. 

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