Thursday, January 7, 2010

SNOW day

today was a snow day, which never to rarely happens in the sunny south.  i took some pictures in honor of allthatjoyful hart, because she is not around to enjoy the snow and i thought she would appreciate it espeically because of a song she loaned to me. "The Last Snowfall" by Vienna Teng--a beautiful song!

If this were the last snowfall

No more halos on evergreen
If this were the last glimpse of winter
What would these eyes see?

If this were the last slow curling
Of your fingers in my palm
If this were the last I felt you breathing
How would I carry on?

This is not the last snowfall
Not our last embrace
But if I were that kind of grateful
What would I try to say?

i hope that i never grow too old for snowflakes.

Snow day means no school.
Snow day means being lazy and not regretting it.
Snow day means all bets are off.
Snow day means a holiday, a break, a miracle.
Snow day means snowballs and hot chocolate.
Snow day means soup galore.
Snow day means too much sibling time.
Snow day means fireplaces.
Snow day means pictures in the snow.
Snow angels.
Snowball fights.
Snow day means being a kid.

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