Sunday, January 24, 2010

domesticity and such things

after aproximately one week in our new lifestyle, life at "the go" we are happily cooking dinner.  making the three roomies of "the go" both domestic and desirable.  as you can see in the following pictures, that my roomate Beth, also known as "beef" is quite the cook.  she does not get her nick name from only her good looks-- no, instead, it is because she is a fabulous chef.  beef. she is the new chicken. 

first let me show you around the kitchen. please make yourself at home.


Muffins we made, blueberry.  Also a snickerdoodle candle that smells like cookies just came out of the oven! beef's birthday present to me!

also, hartress brought nice bottles of some sort from home.  good decoration from hobby lobby, along with the biggest twinkle lights known to man, one of which i accidentally broke while hanging by the mantle.  oops!

beef making the chicken.  caption entitled "i have never touched raw meat before."

my pasta pot, entitled "a watched pot never boils...or does it?"

finished product! crunchy noodle salad, pasta & parmesan cheese, and chicken


And that's all she ate, folks.  more blogging from the grand ole "go" soon enough!

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