Tuesday, June 7, 2011

for what is a year without learning?
what is a day without laughter or trials--
a bubble of sorts, unrealistic and all
lovey dovey the whole day through,
will never compare to a real year with you.

things aren't always easy neither are they always trying
you can laugh or you can cry. never mistake a chance to laugh as a reason not to
prefecting can be the opposite of accepting if i'm not careful
just a thing or two i learned in one year with you

one can be mad enough to spit and happy enough to cry
and by one i mean me.

food is better when you eat it
sometimes considering others means considering yourself first
nothing's sweeter than contentment
just a thing or two i leanred in a year with you

one can't step over certain rules like how minutes and hours work together
and by one i mean even me

some people are loud, they make noise. they generally take up space.
it is better to bite the bullet, own up, tell the truth, make it count
twenty dollars gas now, twenty dollars gas later, is not more effecient than spending all up front
just a thing or two i learned in a year with you

one can leave or run, hide or try, not to see the good
and by one i mean me
but the other one will always be
all the good there was in me
and by the other one i mean you

when i look at you all i see
is many different pieces of me thrown together in a mis-match way
fitting in with you and blending
some days the texture is smooth,
where she stops nobody knows

other days the texture scrapes like a fall on summer-time rocky top
open and raw challenging itself to heal
but whatever day comes your way
you always choose i do.

i do too.
i choose i do every day. you committ to loving me every day this year and then some.
for that i thank  you and learn from
a year with you. 


  1. so so so so sweet and precious. you are both so lucky to have one another. but he got a gem when he got you.

  2. you should write some more...please?