Thursday, March 10, 2011

while you were...dancing

It has been a while since I was able to post--for a couple of reasons, I have been away from the computer. Most of those reasons involve pointe-shoes, bruised toes, and extreme exhaustion, and others involve a lack of writing-inspiration!

While I still haven't quite recovered from the spring ballet, I do feel so much more relaxed after its completion, and i'm getting my inspiration back.  Wow, it is spring break, I just taught my last baby ballet class for 2 weeks (wow, I hope they remember their recital dance when I return), I get to see amazing friends this weekend, amazing family in the coming days, and I am beyond excited.

in the past few days, this is what has happened:

this one got married

this one turned 23
this one turned 17

this one visited

this one slept on my pillow

oh! and allie and i managed to talk on the phone for a consecutive 5 hours.   should have met each other in chattanooga instead...

life is good! until next time!! em



  1. 5 hours. enough said. love you and this post!

  2. I am lovin that yall talked for 5 hours. That is cracking me up and making me jealous at the same time! love you both.