Sunday, October 24, 2010

oh happy. . .

bid day is the next part of that statement. that is always how i feel on this sunday of all sundays. i feel like that sunday couldn't have gotten here any faster, been any longer time coming, and now it has come and gone and i wasn't in the big white house. 

its funny when something become familiar to you, and you don't even realize it? kind of like that corny chris rice song, "when did you fall in love with me" . . .(corny but i didn't say i didn't love it) . sometimes you can't pinpoint the moment you fell in love, felt familiar, when a friend becomes a family member, when a new place becomes the normal place, when a sorority becomes your life/best friends/family. you can't pinpoint the moment it happened.  all you know is that it did.

and what's more:

1. you're very glad it happened.

2.and you've tapped into that place of "some things never change." oh i love that place. i love, love, love that familiar feeling.

i wish i was back to that bid day. but i know that one of these days i will be.

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